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People looking to connect with others on an idea/entry:

Doug jacquier


Adrianna Pearce

Doug is looking to connect with others on an idea/entry to the Challenge.

Doug's idea: GenJunction is driven by intergenerational sharing opportunities, especially in literacy, digital literacy and mentoring. We are wanting to fine tune our efforts into a pilot project in Adelaide.

Doug is looking to connect with: People with experience in, and insights into, successful intergenerational programs, especially around engagement of participants.

About Doug: I am a proven innovator and leader with demonstrated experience in practical change strategies in disadvantaged communities, especially in the cause of delivering information online and in digital literacy. As CEO of technology-focused NFP, Connecting Up, I drove their expansion to national and international level. I have strong connections to the NFP sector in Australia, the US (including a close relationship with, the UK and the Asia-Pacific region. I see myself as a living example of how those approaching and beyond the normal retirement age can use their skills, experience and networks to help to tackle ‘wicked’ problems in society.

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Adrianna is looking to connect with others on an idea/entry to the Challenge.

Adrianna's idea: Connecting up older people in their neighbourhood with local mums, dads, carers or first time parents, who are home during the day and looking for meaningful connections.

There are many elderly people who may not have family or friends or who are lonely and at home a lot of the time. Also being home with children or a new baby can sometimes be an isolating experience.

Matching up these “neighbours” provides the opportunity for deep connections and explores the benefits of intergenerational relationships.

It is a neighbour led initiative and allows for stereotypes to be diminished, and attitudes challenged. It is an exchange relationship that respects the value in life experience from the elderly.

Adrianna is looking to connect with: I am looking for people that have experience working with the elderly and/or people who are socially isolated.

Ideally looking for someone with their own lived experience. Insights into intergenerational relationships would be a bonus also.

About Adrianna: I have a background in communications. I am passionate about communicating to make a difference in an authentic manner. I enjoy story telling, creativity, and the facilitation of futures, to improve communities, societies and the lives we all lead. I have a lot of respect for the elderly and some of my closest relationships have been with people many, years older than myself. It breaks my heart to see elderly people “forgotten” in society or who are lonely. There is a lot to be done in this space and I am up for the challenge.

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People offering their expertise/support to teams:

keith adams


Nelson Sanz-Cadena

Keith is offering his expertise/support to teams.

About Keith's expertise/offer: I have a background in residential aged care, ILU's and community support. I am currently volunteering for COTA and Catalyst Foundation. I have done some work in the Age Friendly Community space and am looking for work in this area.

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Nelson is offering his expertise/support to teams.

About Nelson's expertise/offer: 

I'm very interested to provide my expertise in project management, stakeholder engagement and human-centred approach to any participant/team in this challenge. I have many years of project management experience in aged care and the disability sector. I have a background in social work, community development and worked across many not-for-profit organisations in Australia and overseas. I used to manage a program providing telephone support and face to face services to people experiencing social isolation which gave me a good insight on the challenges experienced by senior Australians. I have also a good working knowledge of My Aged Care and NDIS systems.

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