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successful applicants

congratulations to the four successful applicants of the creating better neighbourhoods innovation in ageing challenge

These teams have received a share in $100,000 of funding from Office for the Ageing and will receiving ongoing mentoring from The Australian Centre for Social Innovation towards further progressing their ideas.

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Test Kitchen


australian association for environmental education
SA chapter


art engineers




Over the past 12 months, Test Kitchen have been trialling social dining experiences within residential villages (lifestyle/independent living retirement villages) as a way to enable authentic social experiences. These experiences help people make new connections, foster relationships and build a sense of belonging. As a successful applicant of the Challenge, Test Kitchen will be supported to further develop the model beyond its current village setting, into the wider community where it can reach more people and achieve wider impact.

Also working in partnership with Test Kitchen are FUND, Post Dining, Adelaide Tabletop Game Design Group and CARŌclub.


Project: Bringing Back the Butterflies

Bringing Back the Butterflies aims to provide opportunities for incidental interactions between neighbours and community. This will be achieved by encouraging schools and householders to plant native butterfly-attracting species in their front garden or verge. These plantings will help improve local biodiversity and will be accompanied by interpretive signage. Over time, through the establishment of multiple gardens, urban nature walks will emerge managed by residents, their local community and participating organisations. Older people will be a focus for inclusion either as potential gardeners and/or providers of front gardens. As a successful applicant of the Challenge, Bringing Back the Butterflies will be supported to implement the networked neighbourhood gardens in partnership with their participating neighbourhoods. 


Project: The Art Bus

The Art Bus will bring a mobile art studio and South Australian artists to people's homes and neighbourhoods, temporarily transforming domestic spaces into creative hubs. Beyond offering older people new skills and the opportunity to express themselves through art, it will also act as a catalyst for neighbours to come together in a social setting, strengthening friendships and networks at a local  level. As a successful applicant of the Challenge, the Art Engineers are being supported to undertake further discovery and early design work of this concept.


Project: Unify Neigbourhood Interactions Together with You (UNITY)

UNITY aims to connect older and younger neighbours who are at home during the day, either alone or with limited other company. The focus will be on “exchange relationships” – both parties exchanging knowledge and experience and both benefiting from meaningful companionship. The project will be neighbourhood based, building long term, non-kin, voluntary, intergenerational relationships based on mutual enjoyment and support. As a successful applicant of the Challenge, they are being supported to undertake further discovery and early design work of this concept.